Photo Contest - Spring 2014 Students

My Favorite Moment While
Studying Abroad in Strasbourg, France


  • Pictures should demonstrate your favorite moment while experiencing a new culture,
    surroundings or while living at the Chateau.
  • Location – limited to images from the Chateau, the park, Strasbourg or the Alsace region.
  • The picture must be one that you took yourself during the Spring 2014 Semester in Strasbourg.
  • Pictures must be accompanied by the submission form and a caption/brief description about your photograph.
  • Entries limited to one photo per person, please.



  • Messenger Bag
  • Château Thermo Cup
  • 1 Bottle of Alsatian Champagne
  • And other great surprises

Submit your photo to:

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: April 1 (11:59 pm)

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Most recent winning students - FALL 2012:

Anthony King - Georgia State University

Title: “Walking in Solitude”

Once this experience is over, I
know that looking back, my
favorite memories
will be the days when I was able
to break away from the
group and go out on my
own to explore a world that is
brand new to me. I always
cherish the days when
I can leave the chateau and
walk down that gravel path to
set off on a personal
journey in peace and solitude.

Capri Sadler - Georgian College

Title: Interlaken 

Our first long weekend being
here, myself and 5 of my
friends took a train to Interlaken
Switzerland. Being our first
big trip in Europe we were so
excited. Interlaken was the
most beau,ful place we had
ever seen, we did so much and
met so many friends. One morning
we woke up and went for
a hike to the lake, this is the
view we saw, just breathtaking.

Huisun Baek - Georgia State University

Title: Breathe

The thick white clouds hugged
the ground never wan!ng to
let go. The air so crisp and chill
the hair on the back of my
neck rose. All I could hear was
silence. All I could feel was
s!ll. Walking through the
meadow as the sun revealed
its face, I stopped and looked
towards it and breathed in.
As the fresh air filled my lungs
I closed my eyes and thought,
I chose life. J'ai choisi la vie.