Photo Contest - Fall 2014 Students

My Favorite Moment While
Studying Abroad in Strasbourg, France


  • Pictures should demonstrate your favorite moment while experiencing a new culture,
    surroundings or while living at the Chateau.
  • Location – limited to images from the Chateau, the park, Strasbourg or the Alsace region.
  • The picture must be one that you took yourself during the Fall 2014 Semester in Strasbourg.
  • Pictures must be accompanied by the submission form and a caption/brief description about your photograph.
  • Entries limited to one photo per person, please.



  • Messenger Bag
  • Château Thermo Cup
  • 1 Bottle of Alsatian Champagne
  • And other great surprises

Submit your photo to:

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: November 15 (11:59 pm)

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Most recent winning students - SPRING 2014:

Ryan Kaplan - Georgia State University

Title: Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

The purpose of the EU Studies Semester Abroad is to teach a new generation of politically-oriented students the concept of peace through cooperation and education. Though this image was not taken in Alsace, it represents the harmony that the European Union strives to facilitate between its member states, while also reminding us of the ultimate sacrifice that so many have made to ensure such coexistence. Studying in Strasbourg and learning about the institutions that comprise the European Union has put the World Wars into perspective, and has taught many of us what it truly means to be international citizens.






Kyle Murphy - Georgia State University

Titel: Never an average walk

There was nothing Special about the sky. I took this photograph other than the fact that I was at Château de Pourtalès... And that made all the difference!









Roshni Chowbey - Georgia State University

Titel: Our First Laugh

Nine strangers left Georgia for a study abroad trip to France. We didn't know each other at all. 4 months later, we are friends who became like family. We laugh together, we cry together, we fight with each other, and we live together. This moment the photo illustrates is what brought us all together for the first time, surrounding my phone, on the 2nd day of our adventure for our very first laugh. Long story short, Ryan got disfigured in my panoramic shot as he was admiring the beauty of the cathedral. I hope you laugh as much as we did!!