Photo Contest - Spring 2015 Students

My Favorite Moment While
Studying Abroad in Strasbourg, France


  • Pictures should demonstrate your favorite moment while experiencing a new culture,
    surroundings or while living at the Chateau.
  • Location – limited to images from the Chateau, the park, Strasbourg or the Alsace region.
  • The picture must be one that you took yourself during the Fall 2014 Semester in Strasbourg.
  • Pictures must be accompanied by the submission form and a caption/brief description about your photograph.
  • Entries limited to one photo per person, please.



  • Messenger Bag
  • Château Thermo Cup
  • 1 Bottle of Alsatian Champagne
  • And other great surprises

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SUBMISSION DEADLINE: April 1 (11:59 pm)

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Most recent winning students - Fall 2014:

Treasure Lanham - West Virginia University

Title: Darkness, Light and Beauty

This photograph is a shot of the beautiful Strasbourg Cathedral Notre Dame, shot from the inside. I think this photograph depicts the study abroad experience as a whole, through the beauty of the stained glass windows, the illumination from the chandelier, and the darkness surrounding these two aspects of the photo. The stained glass windows represent the beautiful places we’ve seen, the dazzling experiences we’ve had, and the most dream-like state we were in for the first several weeks of the program, and the light represents the joy we’ve felt, the warmth and comfort displayed by the staff and fellow-students, the friendships we’ve made, and the hope we have kindled to return to this great continent. While on the other hand the darkness surrounding, and attempting but failing to diminish these things, represents when we felt homesick, or a trip hasn’t gone as planned, or when we were thrown into a new, and often scary situation or place. But, at the end of the day, I think we can all agree the beauty and light casts away any darkness we’ve experienced throughout these four months.


Charley Hurley - Mercer University

Titel: Heart to Heart

The day our CEPA group toured Konzentrationslager Natzweiler-Struthof, the most western concentration camp in all of Europe, is perhaps the most vivid memory of my study abroad experience. It is most poignant because on that day, history became real to me. Crossing the barbed-wire entry to the camp, my heart flooded with emotion. I stood gazing out over the area, absorbing the view of hazy blue mountains obstructed by the jagged barrier of wire. I considered the scores of people who once flocked to this beautiful land, and how many lives were subsequently confined in this horrific place surrounded by natural beauty. While gazing through the fence, I noticed a deformity in the barbed wire: flowers the color of sunshine had sprouted in the fence, pushing life through a place where the wire had somehow twisted to form a heart. These delicate beacons of hope were a reminder that life, truth, and hope find a way to survive in the most inhumane of conditions.     


Lauren Zillinger - West Virginia University

Titel: The Tower

No matter how many times I look at the Cathedral and its massive tower, I always find something new that I hadn't noticed before. It's stunning and its detail is truly beautiful. Whenever I pass it, I can't help but to stare at in awe and amazement.