University of Strasbourg

École de Management Strasbourg (EM)
EM Strasbourg is a division of the University of Strasbourg. It is strictly a business school, and is since 2000 one of the elite grandes écoles in France, ranking in the top 20 business schools in the nation. Students can focus their studies in banking/finance, entrepreneurship/organization/management, finance/accounting/auditing, supply chain management, management information systems, or marketing/sales. EM Strasbourg also has a large student exchange program with nearly 150 partner institutions located all over the world, hosting students from every continent and fostering partnerships with various graduate and undergraduate programs.

Institut d'Études Politiques (IEP)
Also known as IEP Strasbourg or Sciences Po Strasbourg was the second IEP, founded on October 9, 1945, after the IEP Paris (Sciences Po). Since January 1st 2009, it is part of University of Strasbourg, the largest university in France. Courses include a wide range of disciplines such as Law, Economics, History, Sociology and Political Science.