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Youth Hostels and Budget Hotels
  • Busabout is a hop on, hop off bus operator that also provides deals on accommodation
  • Eurolines is a Greyhound style point-to-point express service.
Budget Airlines and Cheap Airfare in Europe
Airports near Strasbourg
Useful Websites with General Information about Budget Travel

Download a very useful student guide from the University of Strasbourg Ecole de Management, which has some useful information about traveling in Europe as a student.

There are many affordable possibilities to get around Europe cheaper than the interrail.

For example, Baden Airpark with its cheap flights is close to Strasbourg, as long as you book a in advance to make sure you get a cheap flight.

The German national Railway offers the Länder- and Weekend and group tickets as well as discounts up to 75% for early bookers.

The French national Railway system has a special student tariff as well as early booker discounts – depending on when you book your ticket a single trip to Paris might either be 30€ or 140€ - for the same train.

Then there are inter-european bus companies like eurolines, connecting all of Europe for really cheap prices.

Input from current EU Studies Students:

A couple students have an interrail pass, one student said that she bought the maximum one you can get, costing 995€ (Euros), which permits three months of unlimited travelling.

Two other students used their fall break this year to travel practically all of Europe by train and had the best time of their life in Greece, Hungary and many other places.

It is good to keep in mind the available time to realistically travel independently - on the weekends and during the two breaks which are scheduled for the semester from the University of Strasbourg.

They will also be going on many CEPA organized excursions as well that are an integral part of their semester abroad.

In the end, making a decision about travel really depends on the student’s travel budget, plans and time available to travel.

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