Read the report about the EU Studies program in the Political Science Newsletter from GSU

Ben B. - Georgia State University - Fall 2014

"That was the most amazing thing that I have ever done in my life. I learned about economies, populations, political situations of countries that I previously didn't know where they were on a map. I learned about myself and broadened my horizons on other cultures, as well as gained connections and friends from all around the world. Living abroad definitely made me appreciate America, but also made me realize all the negatives of America as well. Strasbourg, I'll be seeing you again! "

Treasure L. - West Virginia University - Fall 2014

"This program in Strasbourg has truly been life-changing, as cliché and cheesy as that sounds. The people I've met, the experiences I've had, and everything I've done and seen have truly changed me for the better, and I wouldn't give these past four months up for anything. Studying abroad is something every college student should do!"

Tim C. - Georgia State University

"Strasbourg is a safe, warm and welcoming city. Staying at the Château de Pourtalès was awesome. The staff was extremely kind and helpful. During my time abroad I learned that I could navigate in a foreign country and learn a foreign language quite easily. I really appreciated that we were able to get to know other students from the University of Strasbourg and were able to really interact with them."


Veronica Armendariz - Georgia State University

MA program in Political Science

The semester-long program is in partnership with the University of Strasbourg's Ecole de Management. So we have been taking classes at the University primarily in the areas of political science, economics, and accounting. In addition to the classes, we have been going on excursions to the institutions of the European Union not only in Strasbourg, but also in Brussels, and tomorrow we're going to Luxembourg. We have already visited such important institutions such as the European Court of Human Rights, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, and the European Commission.

The visits to the institutions have been great because they allow us to sit with an expert from the institution allowing us to ask and learn about anything specific we are wanting to know. As a poly sci grad student, this has been a highlight for me.
We are living in a chateau in Strasbourg called Chateau de Pourtales which is a gorgeous castle surrounded by a beautiful forest and park. It is easily accessible to public transport which takes us into the University and into Downtown Strasbourg. The City of Strasbourg is a very beautiful and a charming city full of life, culture, and magnificent sights. Not to mention the wonderful Alsatian food and wine!

Personally, I am here primarily to work on my master's thesis. Coming out to Strasbourg to work on it has been extremely beneficial! Not only have I found great sources here in Strasbourg, but I have just come back from a very successful research trip to Moscow which would not have been so easy to do from Atlanta considering the distance and cost. I have had the honor of helping a member of the German Parliament on his campaign over a weekend in September opening up more research possibilities, and I have also seen Mikhail Gorbachev speaking to the Council of Europe on the anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

In Moscow, I met with a couple of Human Rights organizations including a lawyer for the recent award winning Russian group MEMORIAL adding further to my thesis. They were recently awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought by the European Parliament which will be given to them next month here in Strasbourg.
All in all this program is well worth its value. I can't imagine someone not enjoying their time here. I have so enjoyed my time here that I really don't want to think about the fact that we only have a month left...


Sarah Smith - Georgia State University

"Great Program! I loved it and would recommend for anyone."

Corrine Hauth - Georgia State University

"Sven and Willi (the on-site coordinators) were amazing. They really made us feel welcome and made the Château feel like a home-away from home. We will miss them both!"

Justin Harbison - Georgia State University

"CEPA was wonderful. The EU Parliament is a must visit."

Yekaterina (Katie) Reyzis - George Washington University

"Great Program! I would recommend it to anyone."